Secure Link Services


We wish we could offer one simple fee, that would make it so much easier!
However, one thing is for sure, the Payment Service Providers all seem to follow their own
unique paths when it comes to pricing.

Please have a quick read below to learn more on why it so hard to get just one price
and what we do offer to make sure you get the best price.
1. The Simple Part

From our end we have

  • No Setup Costs
  • No annual contracts
2. The Monthly Hosting Part

For our hosting and software we have the following monthly hosting fees


Suitable for registered Charities

from £0 per month

Suitable for lower annual turnover and
educational facilities

from £0 per month

Our most popular package, with flexible options and full branding

from £70 per month

Includes customisation, integration
options, enhanced customers verification and options for self hosted servers.

from £230 per month
3. The Not So Simple Part

The Payment Service Providers fees to you are the area that create this "not so simple part" when it comes to defining the pricing you pay. Here are some links direct to their pricing so you can see why:

Adyen Pricing
Stripe Pricing
Dojo Pricing
Worldpay Pricing

So we suggest is that when you are ready please talk to us. We will work out with you which provider will be the best one for you in terms of lowest fees. One of the features of Secure Link Services is that the back-end Payment Service Providers can be changed, so, if you are not happy with your fees with them, we can look at alternatives for you without changing anything else.

So why select us?

We have been helping our clients take payment faster, easier and cheaper since 2001. We will hold a free consultation with you to see which Payment Service Providers will provide you with the best pricing. We setup the database and connect the system so that the back-end service is secure and only you have full access.

Aargh!! Why is it so complicated!!!

We totally understand that a single fee would be best, it would be best for us as well! So why are we not able to do offer this? Each Payment Service Provider has their own set way of pricing each client. First, they tend to assess your business in terms of your trading history, what you are selling (some products and services are higher risk than others), volumes (£$ amounts and # of transactions) both in the past and expected. Second, once you are up and going their fees are different depending on the type of card that gets used, how the card was presented, when the card was presented and so on.

Here are some easy examples

  • A simple Mastercard debit, perhaps from a bank like Natwest, paying in the UK would be around 10p plus 0.3%
  • An American Express card used to pay in the USA might cost 3.3% + $0.10
  • A Klarna “pay over time” paid in the UK might attract an example 4.99%
Any chance of respite from these charges

Yes! Open Banking is an option within SLS with some of our Payment Service Providers. Although they still charge fees, there is just a simple one-off payment. Now if this is possible with your clients then you can really save some money.

Next Steps

Please feel free to talk to us, we can arrange a demonstration of our software and how taking payments in Secure Link Services can help you.  We can look at the different payment service providers SLS works with and get comparisons for you.

Any prices and percentages shown are indicative only and all prices quoted are VAT exclusive. An active Direct Debit mandate is required to take payments through Secure Link Services. DD payment is taken on 15th of the month (or nearest working) for hosting a month in advance and for transaction fees for the prior month. A merchant account is required with one of our Payment Service Provider Partners, contact us for details first.