MYPOS Quick Order Web

Quick Order Web is our new contactless ordering web app for your customers.

Ideal for locations where you want to minimise your staff's physical interaction with customers, or maximise your ability sell with a limited number of staff, your customers can start a purchase simply with a scan of a QR Code on a table or Sign.

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Easy Food & Drink Ordering

Ideal for Hospitality...
Customers use their mobile phone to scan a QR code printed on a menu or at the table to identify their location, and then use the web app menu pages to select and order food and drink, and pay in app, ideal for large outdoor seating areas, temporary events and hotel room service.

Orders can be printed to networked receipt or prep printers, emailed to a pre-determined email address or you can use our touch screen compatible 'order viewer' to receive and view orders.

Tips/Gratuity & Item Customisation/Modifiers are both supported out of the box making this the perfect value add service for your hospitality venue.


Click & Collect

Perfect For Retail....
Customers scan a QR Code or click a link on your stores website or social media to be launched into your Quick Order Web store, customers then select and customise their items and pay in app ready for in store collection

Alternatively use in store for Queue busting, let your customers scan the product barcodes themselves and pay in app avoiding length queues for a till as busy times.