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Chris Heath
February 11, 2024

What is Secure Link Services?

If you currently take card payments over the phone for services or products, or if you run a club or group that needs to constantly chase regular membership payments then Secure Link Services is for you. Secure Link Services (SLS) allows you send secure payment requests via email or SMS, and your customers or members can then pay easily via credit card or open banking directly from their phone, tablet or computer.

Why is SLS more Secure?

Taking Payments over the phone means your customers need to read out their full card information to you or one of your team which exposes their card data to anyone in listening distance on either end of the call, with Secure Link Services the customer enters their payment information directly into a secure payment processing page (similar to if you were buying something from a website) and so no one at SLS or your team is ever exposed to their card data, because of this only the card processor ever handles the card data and so the liability for any fraud or chargebacks is with the card processor not with you.

How do I create a Payment Link?

Payment links can be created from our secure web based customer portal, customers and products can be imported from existing systems and SLS can be integrated to fetch and send data to other external software such as ERP or accounts packages via our API. to create a payment link add or enter a customer, select the products, pick an expiry date and press send, that's it a payment request can be sent in as little as 60 seconds!

The Customer will receive a SLS Text Message, Email or Both with a link to pay, and we will send them reminders automatically up to the expiry date, so no manual chasing of customers for payment is needed.

Faster Payments & Money Up Front

Our customers tell us that sending payment links via Secure Link Services results in faster payments from their customers, as it is easier for their customers to pay wherever they are directly on their mobile phone rather than having to call and deal with a contact centre.

Collecting payments via SLS means no worrying about chasing payment after supply or delivery, we integration with Major UK and European Card Processing companies including Adyen, Worldpay and Dojo with more on the way and with selected providers you can also offer 'Open banking" payments where the customer can pay from their chosen bank account directly from the payment link.

Why is Secure Link Services Perfect for Wholesale Delivery Businesses?

In the current economic climate making sue you get paid is more important than ever and chasing bad debt takes up time, money and resource you could be spending on growing your business, by sending payment links via SLS for customers with no or limited credit history you can ensure payment is received up front for orders and be safe in the knowledge that you won't have to waste time chasing them for payment, simply send a SLS paymnet link and we will remind them via SMS and Email to make payment all the way up to your self selected cut off time.

Why is Secure Link Services Perfect for clubs and groups?

If you run a club or group , or offer membership for your business or service knowing who is up to date with their membership and chasing outstanding dues can be time intensive, with Secure Link Services you can set up recurring payment links so that your members are sent out an email or SMS Message whenever their membership is due, we automatically send reminders and it's easy to see who has paid from our secure portal, we can even link with CRM or membership software via our API to update or reactivate customers automatically when they pay, with Open banking they can easily make a direct bank payment directly from the payment link.

Why Trust Secure Link Services?

Secure Link Services is a new product. from the team behind MYPOS Connect EPOS systems, MYPOS Connect's EPOS Software has been empowering Hospitality and Retail environments all over the world for more than 20 years, our experiences with Payments, Data security and the need for a High Availability service mean we have been trusted to provide in Store EPOS systems for Global companies like Yankee Candle, Boots Walgreen Alliance and Dyson, whist also providing the same high level of service for local and Regional UK businesss like London Deli group Bayley and Sage and renowned Local Brighton Restaurants Donatello & The Regency Restaurant to name a few.

To discover more about  how secure link services could help your business drop us an email and we'll be in touch for a chat.