POV it is 2024 and you are still taking credit card details over the phone

Jonathan Cranford
April 9, 2024

Still trying to track down your customers, hoping that they have their cards on them and then hoping that they are ok with giving those card details to you, a stranger?

Taking credit card details over the phone involves the customer verbally providing their sensitive credit card information to a company representative and relies heavily on the trustworthiness of the company's staff and their adherence to strict security protocols. The company taking the details needs to ensure secure handling and storage of credit card details complying with industry regulations such as PCI DSS.

The company is susceptible to human error, such as mistyping or mishearing card numbers, which can lead to payment processing issues and potential customer frustration.

Overall, adopting a payment link system via text message offers numerous advantages over taking credit card details over the phone. This benefits both the company and customers in terms of security, convenience, trust, efficiency, and compliance.

 Sending an SLS Payment Link via Text Message :

- Eliminates the need for customers to disclose their credit card details over the phone, reducing privacy concerns and increasing trust.

- Allows customers to make payments at their convenience, without the need for immediate interaction with a company representative.

- Offers a convenient and secure way for customers to make payments without sharing sensitive information verbally.

- Utilizes secure payment gateways or platforms to generate unique payment links for each transaction, ensuring encryption and data protection.

- Enables customers to review and verify payment details before proceeding, reducing the likelihood of errors in payment processing.

- Can be integrated with automated systems or workflows, streamlining the payment collection process and improving efficiency.

Allow your customers to make payments at their convenience by simply clicking on the SLS payment link

Without the need for phone calls or manual input of credit card details by your staff. Utilizing secure payment gateways for handling payment links helps your company comply with industry regulations and standards for data security and privacy.

Reduce manual effort, time and potential errors with Secure Link Services.

Enhance trust and credibility, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty!