Client Case Study:

Food Express

Chris Heath & Luke Peach
February 9, 2024

In early 2023 we were approached by a regional wholesaler based in the south of England who wanted to improve their customer ordering and payment process, Express Foodservice supply restaurants and take aways with food, drinks and consumables across the whole of the south east of England offering daily deliveries from their base in Rustington, West Sussex.

Their existing process was labour intensive both for them and their customers, customers without credit terms would places orders by phone and email, and Express Foodservice would have to then process the order before chasing the customer to take their card details over the phone for payment, in order to ensure daily deliveries there is a daily cut off time for payment and having to chase payments manually against the clock was proving inefficient.

Express Foodservice had just taken on a new merchant account provider Adyen and were looking for someone who could integrate their new Adyen merchant account into a more streamlined payments process for them, the team at MYPOS Connect have worked extensively with Adyen on solutions for in-store and covid secure pay by link payments for some of our larger enterprise retailers so we jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

From an intial meeting with the team at Express Foodservice to detail their wants and needs and some brainstorming with our development team a new product was born, Secure Link Services.
Leveraging our 20+ years of experience working with payment providers around the world alongside our deep knowledge of how to keep business critical sales infrastructure available around the clock we build a Web Portal Based Secure Payment Link platform from scratch.

We Trialed and tested the system with Express Foodservice throughout 2023 until both sides were happy with the product, Express Foodservice started to use Secure Link Services for their customer payments in January 2024 and have been really impressed with the system, in particular they highlighted that their customers pay more quickly when a secure link is sent via SMS or email than when they were having to manually chase by phone.

some of the key requirements from the team at Express Foodservice that we built into the SLS product include

Customised Payment Links:

  • Tailored payment links to match the brand that could be sent as if coming from our own email domain, while ensuring SFP, DKIM and dmark best practises were upheld.
  • Personalised SMS Text Messages with payment links included and the ability to send either email or SMS or both

Real-Time Payment Journey Tracking:

  • Real-time insights into the customer's payment journey, the ability to see when a customer has view the link and paid it in real time.
  • Instant notifications when payment is made to ensure the delivery process is efficient and streamlined

Efficient and Faster Payments:

  • Enable customers to make payments faster with less pain points through secure payment links.
  • Experience faster transaction processing, thus reducing delays in receiving payments.

Secure and Reliable Transactions:

  • Ensure the security of financial transactions with robust encryption protocols and remove the need for staff to have access to cardholder data
  • A reliable platform that prioritises the confidentiality and integrity of the payment processes and is fully auditable

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

  • Elevate customer engagement with a user-friendly on brand payment request.
  • Provide a seamless and personalised payment experience that fosters trust and loyalty.

From the initial success of the stage 1 product launch we have further plans to enhance the Express Foodservice's teams SLS system, utilising our teams extensive integrations and API knowledge stage 2 of the project is to fully integrate Secure Link Services with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, ensuring even less manual work for the team and a further streamlined solution.

If you are running a wholesale business and would like to talk to the team about how Secure Link Services could improve your workflow, call us , or drop us an email